When you buy a Minnesota resort, there are lots of aspects to consider.  You want a property that matches your personality and you deserve to have professional representation to make your dream a reality.


Owning a resort is rewarding. You want a resort that matches your personality and you deserve to have representation to make your dream a reality.


More Than Just Real Estate Agents

While we are licensed real estate agents, there is so much more we can do for you than just show you Minnesota resorts for sale. We believe our combined experience and involvement in the Minnesota resort community makes us an excellent choice. We will offer advice to help position buyers for success when they buy a Minnesota resort.

Our Experience

Each of our agents has over 22 years of owning and operating a Minnesota resort, and we have also been in the real estate sales business. We have a full understanding of both the business side and the lifestyle side of this unique business model. We raised our children on our resorts. Let our perspective help as you move forward with important decisions.

When you Buy a Minnesota Resort

As we worked on creating this real estate business, we quickly realized we each have recognized strengths different from one another. We combine these strengths into a team approach as we work with buyers who want to buy a MN resort. Our goal is to get you the best property that fits your personality and desired business model.

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If you are ready to get serious about buying a Minnesota resort or campground, we invite you to compare us to any other resort Realtor. Look at their website, their marketing and their experience. Once you have compared us to all your options, we are confident you will choose us.

MLS Access

We are members of the MLS, giving you the best choice of all resorts and campgrounds that are currently on the market for sale. More choices increases the chances of finding the resort of your dreams more quickly. Another plus ... you only have to contact us - not multiple agents throughout the state who have limited listings.

Buyer Representation

This important point is often overlooked. Since you are likely buying a resort for the first time, it’s nearly impossible to know what to look for, what questions to ask, how to analyze various financials, etc. Resort and campground sales are complex, and as a buyer you need someone competent to watch out for your best interest.

Confidential Listings...

What is A Confidential Listing?

In an effort to safeguard their business, resort owners will often list their property for sale confidentially. These are sometimes called “pocket listings."

Two Types of Confidential Listings

Some Confidential Listings are resort owners who are carefully using this process as part of their exit strategy. These owners know buyers need representation. Other Confidential Listings are resort owners who are "rolling the dice" and they do not invite buyer representation - you should be wary of these listings.

Connected To The Minnesota Resort Industry

Through our own resort ownership and involvement with statewide resort associations, we have established relationships with a few hundred resorts and resort owners in the state of Minnesota. Searching for the perfect resort for you through our contacts is a real possibility.

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