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Minnesota resort networking

Networking in your community can provide an excellent way to connect with other tourism businesses. It’s also a great way to connect with other business owners who may be unaware of the huge impact that tourism has in your area. Whether it’s your Chamber of Commerce, Business Professional Group, service groups such as Kiwanis or Rotary, or school groups, there are many opportunities to collaborate and grow.

*One of the opportunities with networking is learning the latest industry trends. Knowing your customers, and what they are looking for, is an ever changing topic. Many professional groups offer workshops over the lunch hour or during happy hour that focus on relevant topics. It doesn’t take a lot of time during your day, and it may spark a new idea for you.

*Your employees can also benefit from your involvement. Many local businesses offer training for front desk employees. If your staff is knowledgeable about customer service and events in the community, your guests will be excited for their stay with you. Local job boards can help you hire a perfect combination of employees that will compliment your resort atmosphere.

*When you network with a professional group, you will have a platform where you can gain insights regarding staffing, the changing look of the workforce, and industry standards. A lot of brainstorming goes on, and many people are willing to share their experience with similar situations.

*A professional group can bring a sense of belonging that is important not only to your mental health but to your business health. It can be very motivating and may lead to more involvement at a broader state level.

Effective networking in your community can position your resort or campground in the forefront of the industry, and when it comes time to retire, new owners will be proud to carry on your business legacy.

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