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How do you choose a real estate company to sell your resort or campground?  Good question.  When you start to consider selling your resort or campground, you are stepping into an emotional experience with many decisions to be made.  You’ll want to work with a real estate company that understands not only the complexity of selling resorts and campgrounds, but also the emotional experience that is tied to selling it.

We’ve compiled a check list of considerations to think about when you choose a real estate company.


Look for a company that specializes in resorts and campgrounds.  Review their track record and experience by looking at their website and promotional materials.  Have they sold properties that are similar to yours? 


A good way to get an organic opinion of a company is to search their Google reviews.  The company website should also feature reviews from clients who have sold their resorts and campgrounds.  Reviews that go in depth regarding the selling process can tell you the most about their experience.


Ask the company for references.  Chatting with a former client can give you valuable insight as to how the company operates.  Ask them about the listing process, marketing efforts, showings, offers, ease of paperwork and signatures, and skill of negotiating the sale. 

Knowledge of Minnesota resorts and campgrounds

It is very important that the company you choose has in-depth knowledge of the Minnesota resort and campground industry.  It is very different from residential lake sales, and requires an extremely detailed process.  A commercial real estate company that knows the industry will provide a more accurate listing price, which in turn leads to a more timely sale. Industry knowledge also provides ease in navigating the sale.


Are the agents certified Realtors?  Is the company a member of a real estate organization such as the National Association of Realtors?  This ensures that the company and its agents are properly licensed and continually complete numerous educational classes to stay updated on the industry.

Communication – Availability

Has the company responded to your requests in a timely manner?  Are they available to meet with you when necessary?  Do they respond quickly to buyer requests?  Do they have the technology to easily complete paperwork?  This is especially important when you receive a purchase agreement and negotiations need to be quickly completed. 


The way that you showcase your property to buyers is one of the most important things to consider when selling.  Look for a company that will present it to the most buyers possible.  This can include a front page Google listing, a professional memorandum that includes quality photos and descriptions, listings on online real estate sites, mailings, newsletters and more.   

Connections and Trust

A real estate company that has a strong network within the Minnesota resort and campground industry, and also the commercial real estate industry as a whole, will be able to access a wide range of buyers.  You will want to trust that your agents will represent your interests, and bring only qualified buyers who have the means to step into your business and keep it successful.

Your choice of a real estate company can significantly impact the success of your sale.  All three of our agents have not only sold their own resorts, but have sold numerous resorts across Minnesota.  When you are ready to sell, or when you are starting to consider it, we would like the opportunity to meet with you and present our highly successful strategies that will help you sell your property with confidence and integrity.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Jennifer, David, and Tim

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