Minnesota Resorts for Sale – Choosing an Agent

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When looking at Minnesota resorts for sale- choosing an agent is key. Whether you are buying or selling,  you want the right professional working for you. There are differences you should understand.

Buying or Selling a Minnesota Resort

Realtor or Real Estate Agent?

A real estate agent is a professional who assists in the buying and selling of properties and has obtained a real estate license to do so. Real estate agents can work with residential as well as commercial properties depending on their specialty. On the other hand, a Realtor (which is always capitalized), is a real estate agent who is an active member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Realtors have an immaculate professional conduct record. All Realtors are required to adhere to an extensive Code of Ethics. This Code of Ethics has 17 specific articles. Consumers feel at ease knowing that they are working with agents who are thoroughly vetted and have sworn to uphold certain professional standards. According to the NAR, about half of all real estate agents in the United States are certified Realtors. All three agents with Lake Country Resort Sales are Realtors.

Commercial or Residential?

Whether you are selling your resort or buying a Minnesota resort that’s for sale, use an experienced commercial Realtor that specializes in resort transactions. Many residential agents will certainly want to “try their hand” at selling your resort. And many will also “give their best effort” to helping a buyer find the resort of their dreams. And while intentions are good, lack of experience can potentially be detrimental to both the buyer and the seller.  Minnesota resorts and campgrounds are often multi-million dollar businesses. They can be very complex. So in turn the sale of Minnesota resorts are also complex. Without extensive knowledge of the Minnesota resort and campground industry and their business models, unintentional but unfortunate outcomes can result for both the buyer and the seller.

More on Resort Ownership and Sales Experience

Times change! That’s no secret. Just like everything else, Minnesota resorts and campgrounds have changed with the times. Finding a commercial Realtor who has recent experience is crucial when deciding on which Minnesota resort sales agency to use. You’ll want to use a Realtor who is current with industry knowledge. It is also wise to use one who will listen to your needs, your ideas, and can help identify growth potential.

Please remember that when looking at Minnesota resorts for sale- choosing an agent is key!



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