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Perfect Minnesota resort for sale

Finding the “Perfect” Minnesota resort for sale is a lot like finding the “Perfect” house.

It is all about finding the place that has the right combination of amenities and neighborhood that fit your personality and the lifestyle that you want.  Some resorts, like some houses, need some work.  In fact, just like everyone has a room that they want to remodel – most resort owners have “rooms” they want to remodel too.  The remodeling process is what makes a house a home and it is exactly the same thing with a resort.  One of the fun things about resort ownership is looking at the remodeling opportunities.

Sometimes “remodeling” means fix up projects. Sometimes “remodeling” means improving a resort’s website, marketing materials or social media strategy. Sometimes it means adding a service that your enjoy offering – maybe this is a scrapbook class or maybe this is a class on how to properly clean a northern pike. That is what makes this business so rewarding. You get to pursue your passions while also offering fun for your guests.

Of course, you do have to balance your passions with business objectives.

That is right, the resort is a valuable business too.  While some people may just want to talk about lifestyle, make no mistake about it – this is a business.  If you can find the perfect Minnesota resort for sale, it can be a rewarding business without a hectic commute, but a business none the less.  When evaluating the remodeling opportunities, it is important to consider the return on investment.  Will the “remodeling” help you attain new guests?  Will it let you raise the rates enough to justify the expense?  When you first buy a resort it is important to understand what your current guests want, but it also important to understand what new business your improvements will really generate.

-David Moe – retired resort with 23 years experience (ten more if you count the years growing up as a kid on a resort)

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