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According to the Explore MN Winter 2022 Tourism and Hospitality Industry Survey Findings, 82% of MN resorts reported winter 2021/2022 revenue at or above 2019 levels. 

Lodging revenue relative to recent years varies by accommodation type, with resorts doing better than motels/hotels (82% vs 48%).  In general, winter travel activity in MN is improving, however, recovery is still in progress.  78% of hospitality industry firms report positive business health, which is an increase of 28% over last winter. 

We asked the owner of Hunt’s Resort on Lake Minnewaska (one of our featured listings) how his winter went;  “To sum up our winter, it was very busy with sales in bait, tackle, rentals, and store items.  We have a long-standing following because we provide the only plowed road access on the south side of the lake, which keeps us very busy.  We had some groups here every weekend, and a lot of other cabin rentals as well.”  

The Lake Country Resort Sales year round featured listings include Sah-Kah-Tay Beach Resort, Brophy Lake Resort, Sandy Point Lodge and Resort, Dunrovin Resort, Sunset Resort, and Hunt’s Resort.  Congratulations to all of the year round resorts on a busy winter.

Going into the 2022 spring season, 87% of MN hospitality firms are hopeful and expect revenue similar to or higher relative to spring 2021, and 66% expect revenue similar to or higher than spring 2019.

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